Clear Water Dancing In The Sky

Clarity comes with the storm. As you become like the wind that blows to take sight of the horizon, a warm, orange sun rises on the coast side, to greet the people and offer a gentle reminder, that despite the madness of the odds, there is warmth and sweetness surrounding them. Clearly, you are like nature that grounds itself into a serene landscape, where life drums a rhythm inspired by the lovers. You are like their flowers and their angelic, scented breath. Like the bright butterflies, when they captured their flutter, that is as if they dance in between realms of heaven. Liberated chaos, most of all, you are like life that exhales within your mind now. You remember something ancient and powerful; like that one summer night, head-first *splash* into ice cold, fresh, emerald-green water; a silent lake, leading to dear pathways, ancient wisdom and higher timelines. You hear the Big Blue singing about his wild relation to the singing of the sky. You are One, with this realm and imagination. You are within existence as light. You are like the glossy sparkles of a gardens baby-blue spring, that is surrounded radiantly by quiet, big stones and softly moving, crystalline, diamond-colored babbling brooks. You are like a wet, dark forest, that smells like sacred land. Like clear water dancing in the sky.

“Clarity finds you rather by surprise.”

Clarity is powerful and feels like calm serenity. With that, clarity gives perspective. Feeling clear-minded promotes growth and is the key to self awareness. Like standing on your own feet, clarity as a state is divine in nature, true to itself and impartial to hatred and control, which leads to effortless creation, evolution and a strengthened sense of will and determination. Seeing clearly is like turning dark shadows into bright light or a mad storm into the smooth water of river Nil. The state of flow or clarity breaths new beginnings and endings and you are complete within its current and soul. You receive messages from the weather, sense the rotation of the planets and are in sync with the position of the stars. Aligned, clarity finds you rather by surprise. Like a gift, you are reminded, that here you can be and are to be found. – AYA


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