Goodbye Dr. Smalltalk

written by AYA: 📰

You only have this one chance, and of all the opportunities, and they are countless, which one is yours? We get lost in fights so often. Many of you are no longer even aware that you are fighting. Not even that it is against yourself. You love to blame what hurts you, to shift what hurts you onto others, and to run away from your own responsibilities. Small talk won’t get you very far. Realize that you can’t look away forever. The time will come when all that you felt powerless against is gone, was yesterday and then what? Burn your idea of the world, of the future and even of your past. All lies. Your thoughts are malleable, interpretable, irrelevant. What matters today is what you are doing right now and who you are and where you are. Don’t even think about the rest. Stay here and realize you only have one chance. Do you like what you see?

Shut out the world and look inside of yourself. Is your full potential active? Where do you compromise? Where are you being stopped? Why can’t you shine fully? Who or what is stopping you? Be honest with yourself. Have you got caught up in an idea and now you’re too deep into it that staying lost seems better than starting over? Nobody can decide that for you and nobody can help you live with the guilt if you don’t do something about it. No one will be there at the end, realize that today. You are alone in the heart of your life. You make the decisions, so you will face the consequences. Postponing until tomorrow doesn’t exist, because tomorrow it’s already made you sick. The universe counts. Don’t waste your life anymore. Breathe deeply and open up. It’s time.


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