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A Life Worth Living.

AYA will introduce you to the important work of personal development. She wrote two books about meditation and mastery, gave many online lessons, one on one coachings, as well as hosting group meditations and retreats. One mentorship includes three private sessions and can be extended if needed.

Bring your questions to the mentoring or for the next Q&A session on Youtube.

What You’ll Learn:

– Becoming Aware
– Focus and Presence
– Natural Productivity
– Alignment, Higher Path
– Big Picture Understanding
– Life as an Enlightened Being
– Becoming Aware of Blockages
– Trauma and their Integration
– Embodiment, Losing Weight
– Holistic Health
– Intuitive Eating
– Finding Solutions, Peace
– Meditation Practices
– Becoming a Creator
– Developing New Strategies
– Abstract Communication
– Channeling Creativity
– Getting in the Flow
– Relationship Dynamics
– Healthy Boundaries
– Finding a Life Partner
– Sacred Rituals
– Connecting

Integrative Mentor

I offer you the opportunity to experience yourself based on the processing of your past traumas, which burden you subconsciously and have negative effects on your daily well-being. I work with you on a conversation basis in which we specifically address your problems and bring the real causes to light in order to resolve them. The processing of your emotions is a crucial point for full self-development and the discovery of your full potential. You can become your best version and it is possible to change. I will guide you in becoming attuned to your highest expression.

Date & Time:
By Appointment

3×60 Minutes

On Request

My Personal Definition of Self-Love

Watch me talk about 5 key values I live by, to get a taste of what it is like to work with me and in which direction you are going to change.

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Sessions are limited, so be sure to ask soon to reserve your spot!

“I really enjoyed reflecting with AYA. I certainly would recommend a mentorship to total beginners but also to advanced people in the self development community. And to people like myself who need to find clarity and the wisdom of an experienced guide “
Beth S.