When you make choices, you hold no grudge. You are weightless. Selective, you are in harmony, in a state of symbiosis. When you choose, you are free. And when you are unsure what to choose, remember, you are not your thoughts. You are beyond thoughts. They hold no power over you. Your spirit is strong. It will move you in the direction of what is meant for you, not your thoughts.. Choice is a gift. So, whatever it is, remain pure, untouched by circumstances, situations, people and places. Direct your life peacefully. Let nothing change you. Make sense. Protect life within and around you, for therein lies what you seek – your happiness. 🌺

If you look back on today in ten years, what would you see? Will you remember at all? What are you doing with your time right now? I have learned to resist rushing things. When I am still and pay attention, reality resembles a dream. From that space everything flows in great harmony. Now is a time to break free from conditioning, follow the calling and take risks. When thoughts attack, shift focus. They do not exist. You (as that person you think you are) do not exist. You are like space. Nothing can shake or break you. All that is just play. Mind games. Stay anchored in your basic trust, in your choice to stay true to yourself and KEEP RISING! – AYA


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