Appétit Et Nuances

A single moment can feel brief, like the fleeting breeze of a feeling, an inspiration, an aha, an ouch. … But sometimes, like now, a moment stretches out. It begins with an observation in which to cool off, in which to sit, in which to marinate. You may be focused here. It is time to breathe and be still, practice patience. Perhaps you are led through the most diverse emotions, some of which challenge you.

At times you would run away, shut your nervous system down, pray. This space of expansiveness may challenge your past beliefs, your future plans, your perceived stability in the present, but just like the light at the end of the tunnel, even a long question mark moment leads up to enlightenment, where everything finally makes sense again. And that sense is what creates resonance. Harmony.

To create a dynamic world, we play with intervals in music. The Gab is what makes the buildup that leads up to the release.

Finding meaning is the forerunner to all earthly stories. Meaning is what creates balance, brings appetite for life and moves us, to move mountains. … A new horizon is about to stretch over everything and we are being prepared to soak up the sun once again. Have you been affirming yourself to be ready? If so, let go. In times of stillness, winter, thus change and renewal of our inspiration, it is necessary to admit that one does not know. All you see are nuances, pieces of the whole. The common thread, the story, behind the tones and intervals is the sense of completeness and loving growth. That what drives us on. Don’t interpret it, otherwise it will make you a fake.

Your big flex at this point is to harness the power of surrender, then followthrough on the call of your heart while protecting fearless allowance, to be full of joy. Let the truth meet you there. Your discomfort and your well-being want to be experienced. Both, only nuances of the human experience, form character. Allow. Inviting love and hate, for an agreement before your birth, before understanding, before your imagination is responsible. And so, with every exhale, bathing in the mystery and the magic is divine, for the truth is everywhere, in every nuance of your existence. Do not try to grasp it or anything of any sort, but only observe, hone.

Observe the colours, while they appear, knowing you are none of them, yet at the same time all of them, to once again love, love, love. – AYA


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