Holiday Hack-ticks

Its holiday season and the energy feels super charged. Before 2023 we have things to do, stuff to buy, gifts to wrap, plans to make. We also need to organise when to get together with our loved ones to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve. To support the festivities I am now going to give you a list of 10 holiday stress-relievers. Enjoy!

10 Ways To Ease The Holiday Funk

1. Keep It Simple

What matters is that we spend time with our most important people, make memories and eat well. Be simple.

2. Relax

Do you want to do the right thing? Then take a deep breath. When you are relaxed, you have more to give everybody.

3. Take Inventory

As the year comes to a close, reflect on how far you’ve come. Let go, declutter, clean and make room for wonderful blessings.

4. Plan A Trip

Write a new chapter. 2023 is like an empty room, ready to be filled. Plan a beautiful trip and start the new year on a good foot.

5. Be Intentional

Regardless of whether you are buying a Christmas gift or planning a dinner, you are thinking about which drinks you should get or how and where you want to celebrate, have clear intentions. Like magic, everything works out for the best if you want the best.

6. Free Your Mind

The universe has your back! As long as you are willing to take life into your own hands and make things happen, trust, you will be supported. Dont worry, be happy.

7. Ease And Peace

Chamomile tea, lavender oil, candlelights, bubble baths are great. Chill beats, a massage and some time in the morning doing nothing is even better.

8. Communication

We all know, the pre-christmas period is the best time to tell special people what they mean to you. It feels good to know that you are loved. Express your sympathy.

9. Eat, Dream, Love

No, nobody forces you to be on a diet, especially not in December. Enjoy cookies, hot chocolate and hearty soul-food. You deserve it.

10. Movies

Christmas-markets, snow, fireworks, people partying. Life is good. Celebrate



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