Faith, Hope, Love

written by AYA: 📰

A new work week begins and everyone has something to do. The world is calling us out of our cozy homes to explore the unknown and live life, create and build. Some hurry with it, want to experience a lot and some don’t. There are people whose goals require flexibility. Despite their own management skills, their contentment rests on a divine plan upon which they may always lean on. You are one of those people. Especially in times of change. All of our lives are very complex. Faith, hope and love hold everything together.

Psychologist and psychoanalyst, Erik Erikson, conducted an enormous amount of research on the topic development. He says that a general sense that the world is predictable and reliable (basic trust) is formed by a loving and sensitive community. According to his theory, successful completion of each stage of life results in a healthy personality. And this is exactly what we all crave, want and even need for ourselves and the people sharing life with us. Here is a chart that I find helpful and may further inspire your personal development and big picture understanding.

Closing Statement: We depend on each other. Consider, your time on this planet, for as long as it may last, can spread joy. You can be a source of warmth, care, wisdom and love. To make the most of life we must agree on supporting each others best interest. We must dare to understand each other. And once connected and in sync with the symbiosis of nature, we all can be surrounded by basic trust and no matter what decision has to be made, it will be in harmony with the big picture. It’s good to know that as long as you trust and don’t stop developing your personality, you can’t go wrong. You will be led to the right people. Its a vibe. Keep shining bright.




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