written by AYA: 📰

Once you become conscious, you don’t stop becoming more conscious. It’s like you woke up from a deep sleep and now all you are concerned with is how to defeat the villain, for a better world. And to do this you even have special gifts, which you manage to control over time. Superman was not just a story. In real life you must know the potential you have. You must know yourself. And yes to all the wanderers, you can be you and achieve whatever it is you imagine. Drop the movies for a moment. What you need is discipline and vision. Let me explain

Discipline is the cooperation between body, mind and spirit, a conjunction; the holy trinity. You can’t go inside the house, if you can’t open the door. To move through time you need body parts, an awareness of space and intelligence. An inner dialogue mobilizes you. If you know why you are doing it for, you will not stop doing it. Discipline develops. Welcome. With vision I meant an awareness of potential. Combine your type of discipline with your sense of vision and you will soon be on your way to never be bored again. Congrats. Today was the day you defeated the villain. Time to celebrate. 𓂀


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