Life Between Lives

written by AYA: 📰

We so often misunderstand life. We think we have to figure it out, make it happen, lead the way; when in fact, we are life. I learned about what family means, how care can sooth, love can strengthen and fear can help. I learned what pain and confusion are about, that time heals, that inquiry never stops and that I can be free, flaws and all. Fictional distraction may appreciate my longing for desire. Surrender washes it away though. I feel resonant with the concept of discovery and that it may be better for me to go and discover the truth, then to not know at all. And so, one by one, my fixation to certain people, or aspects is dissolving, beliefs are changing underneath my conscious awareness and oddly enough new set ups for experiencing life on Earth are being built, as I simply continue to do the most, to release resistance.

Can you see how life is all about you and not at all about you? We have been enabled, fuelled and made to the main character of a story, we can cowrite. Remember, we are life. We have always been able to reach each other. If not in person, then in spirit. We sense each other. We agree, and we have always agreed. Life is a co-creation of all that exists. Black, white and all the shades in between. All ties in together, on some level. You have to be a rebel to be reading philosophy, and I got to be a lunatic, bragging about creation. For all we know, life is a passing away of the passing away, and some heart-felt moments inside the in-betweens. Don’t stress about it, unless you are afraid of taking risks, because life is ultimately a streamline of choices. Choose, then deal with the risk, over and over again, until you die. And if in some cases you decide to stay rebels, know, I will be there with you, opposing the status quo, as a lunatic, casually living life in between lives.



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