Dream a little dream for me

written by AYA: 📰

Don’t be afraid to dream. You have no choice but to dream and trust, because if you stray away from your imaginations and faith, you lose sight of your true path. And so all you have to do is believe and trust life. Don’t ever let circumstances change your heart. Be inspired by everything coming your way. Whatever it may be, it can only help you remember that you have a dream to pursue – your life´s story. It cannot be taken from you and everything that happens belongs to it. Your story may not perfect, not without scary moments or weirdness, and that’s what makes it special. Your story is just like you – lovable.

We all deserve to dream and believe in magic. The world is full of colors, stories and feelings to immerse yourself in. You are part of this world. You can create from your imagination and share it with others! You have a say in here. Become aware of the world surrounding you today and then dive into your own little world of dreams. But don’t tell anyone about it. Your dream should remain your well-kept secret. Dream and dream. You will see, there is so much to discover, when you start to breathe magic into it by imagining your own tales. Life is beautiful as long as you remain yourself, pure and full of joy. You always have my permission to do just that. Dream.


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