Love can hurt.

Realize what love really is. You’ve figured out what it’s not by now, haven’t you? Love is not the feeling of habit or familiarity. You know that love has nothing to do with safety. Love is not money. Love won’t save you on a white horse, or have you ever experienced that? Love is not a butterfly, not a feeling of happiness. Love can hurt. Love can destroy. Tear apart. Love is calling you and calling you and calling you from sources that cannot be stopped. Love reminds you of who you are. Love is the truth. Because of this, people who live according to the status quo, i.e. have no life of their own, never have the privilege of being with their true lover. They cannot find true love themselves because they do not love or understand and know themselves. Love is a higher law, and those who are aware of it refrain from playing a role in society’s theatre. Love stands by its truth. Ask yourself today, are you dishonest with yourself and with others? You hesitate to reveal yourself because it could cause chaos in the lives of others as well as in your own. Understandable – for a moment.

Love is not a high that you ride, not a low that crushes you. Love is not a good friend, it is not a perfect match, it is not beautiful, it is not a princess and it is not a prince. Love is the bare truth of yourself reflected in the bare truth of someone else. In order to reach that, you first have to let go of a great deal. People are afraid of being alone in general. That is why they make all sorts of compromises with themselves and others and because of this, few have the privilege of true love. It takes courage and free will and a spiritual connection. In Master Mooji’s words: “Lose yourself in this love. Only when you lose yourself will you be found. Lose yourself and do not fear your loss, for you will rise again from your own light. Lose yourself and leave the black cloud behind. Loose yourself. Lose yourself…what have you got to lose? The constant struggle to become someone? Lose yourself and embrace endless silence.” Those who know and love themselves also love others because they know where the best comes from – from truth. That’s why they don’t fight. You just stay grounded in yourself and you have faith. You know what you must do and you keep going fully expressing truth, living in resonance to it.

written by AYA: 📰


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