Butterfly Minds

written by AYA: https://ayatoday.com/behindthewords/ 📰

You have to create beautiful moments, they certainly don’t fall from the sky. And so everything you have or experience right now is tailor-made. Never complain about it, because the truth is, you called it into existence, consciously or not.

You are powerful beings and you create in conjunction with the divine. I wonder why so many of you like to suffer? Why do you overthink? And from a wider perspective – why do we exaggerate when we tell stories? It seems we like to suffer and sometimes we like to judge, instead of just be. We should find the middle ground and stay on it, because in essence, beautiful is what is moderate, on point, a fit; what is natural and not what is superimposed. So often you try to stray from the middle ground because you don’t trust that the simple life that comes with it will meet all your needs. Often you are blind to your self-destruction. Breaking out of a negative spiral that is as old as time can be hard, but it can also be relatively easy. The only thing you need to free yourself from insatiable greed and your comparison mentality is inspiration.

We are not just objects. We’re not just here to entertain you. We are alive, so just like you have responsibility for your life, we have responsibility for our lives. We have to live with what we choose. Don’t ask yourself today what someone does and or doesn’t do. Ask yourself what you can do. Stay productive. Live your life in acceptance of the decisions of others and create your own happiness without their approval of it. Let’s exist in harmony with each other. Today I have a wish. Please learn how to make yourself happy, because only you have the power to create a beautiful life for yourself.


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