Individual Worlds Exist in One

written by AYA: 📰

Every now and then life will have you making a face of a woman that bit in a lemon. Turning your head way to the side may make the cringe be over more fast. But as you go for and try, you realize nothing has you being more confused than your own bloody advice, to compromise your taste for a bitter vitamin slice. Pumpkin spice season has officially begun while you are still stuck in figuring out the what-the-fuck and so, you get the sense that you must go fast, kind of with the current of time and relax your damn freaked out overcrowded being nice. Nobody said it was easy but also no one mentioned it delivers Starbucks – a bucket full of stars, artificial dreams clustered in icy frosting with a free blonde latte to your own device.

Today I meditate. I start with focusing on my breath. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out, repeat like so. When thoughts come in, just be aware of them. Do not react to them. Do not follow them. Do not identify with them. Do not be mad about them. Just allow yourself to be in all that you are. Breathe and relax. You will see, the more you put yourself in harmonious states, the more harmonious your life becomes. Your perception of the world will elevate when you release tension and stress by meditating. You are supported. Take your time.

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